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Investigative Research and Support for Qualifying Groups and Associations

March 31, 2023

Community Support - New York, NY 10016 (New York County)
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Motown Classics
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A Change is Gonna Come  (Aretha Franklin ) (full screen)
Ain no Sunshine  (Bill Withers ) (full screen)
Back Stabbers  (O Jays ) (full screen)
Freeway of Love (Pink Cadillac)  (Aretha Franklin ) (full screen)
Get Down Tonight  (KC and the Sunshine Band ) (full screen)
Impossible  (Nat King Cole ) (full screen)
Killing Me Softly  (Roberta Flack ) (full screen)
Lady  (Commodores ) (full screen)
Lean on Me  (Bill Withers ) (full screen)
Midnight Train to Georgia  (Joss Stone ) (full screen)
Midnight Train to Georgia  (Glady Knight and the Pips ) (full screen)
Misty Blue  (Dorothy Moore ) (full screen)
Mona Lisa  (Nat King Cole ) (full screen)
Nightshift  (Commodores ) (full screen)
Play that Funky Music  (Wild Cherry - Earth Wind and Fire ) (full screen)
Proud Mary  (Tina Turner ) (full screen)
Reach Out (I'll be There)  (Four Tops ) (full screen)
Respect  (Aretha Franklin ) (full screen)
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay  (Otis Redding ) (full screen)
Smiling Faces Sometimes  (The Undisputed Truth ) (full screen)
Stand By Me  (Ben E King ) (full screen)
Stop in the Name of Love  (The Supremes ) (full screen)
Superstition  (Stevie Wonder ) (full screen)
Then Came You  (Dianne Warwick ) (full screen)
Unforgettable  (Nat King Cole ) (full screen)
Uptown Funk  (Mark Ronson ) (full screen)
Walk on By  (Dionne Warwick ) (full screen)
What a Wonderful World  (Louis Armstrong ) (full screen)
What's Going On  (Marvin Gaye ) (full screen)
Whats Love Got to Do With It  (Tina Turner ) (full screen)
When I Fall in Love  (Nat King Cole ) (full screen)
Whos Zoomin Who  (Aretha Franklin ) (full screen)

32 tunes - Play Time: 130.18 minutes or 2.17 hours

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