Investigative Research and Support for Qualifying Groups and Associations

Community Support - New York, NY 10016 (New York County)
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Local Groups and Associations of Interest
(click the group of your choice for more information at your own discretion)
Private Benefit Trust encourages and supports groups who share our values and standards
Not every group listed below necessarily supports or subscribes to our values.

• Agnostics and Skeptics Alliance

• Citizens Commission on Human Rights

• Citizens for Accountability in Government

• Humanity + (World Transhumanist Association)

• Mormon Transhumanist Association

• The Canonizer Consensus Team

• The Way to Happiness Foundation International

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New York, NY  10016   
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Surrender Your Heart...


...to a "funny valentine!"
and the triumph of shy courage
  - Alice Fredenham  

The greatest obstacle to the American dream
for most Americans has been the blinding conceit and self serving public policies of the illegitimate controlling elite (ICE) and the notions of their own entitlement as stewards of a false "greater good".

Draining the swamp is long overdue.

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