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Investigative Research and Support for Qualifying Groups and Associations

March 31, 2023

Community Support - New York, NY 10016 (New York County)
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Workout Tunes
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All Jacked Up  (Gretchen Wilson ) (full screen)
Antidote  (Nicholas Barron ) (full screen)
Bad Woman Blues  (Beth Hart ) (full screen)
Before He Cheats  (Carrie Underwood ) (full screen)
Big Bad Handsome Man  (Imelda May ) (full screen)
Candyman  (Christina Aguilera ) (full screen)
Everyhing is Broken  (Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt ) (full screen)
Evil Ways  (Santana ) (full screen)
Feelin' Alright  (Joe Cocker ) (full screen)
Immigrant Song  (Zepparella ) (full screen)
It's a Little Too Late  (Tanya Tucker ) (full screen)
Lambada  (Kaoma ) (full screen)
Legs  (ZZ Top ) (full screen)
Mamas Broken Heart  (Miranda Lambert ) (full screen)
Me Too  (Meghan Trainor ) (full screen)
Miss You (Rolling Stones)  (Milk n Blues ) (full screen)
Mustang Sally  (Wilson Pickett ) (full screen)
My Funk  (Candy Dulfer ) (full screen)
Po Dunk  (Kid Rock ) (full screen)
Redneck Woman  (Gretchen Wilson ) (full screen)
Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy  (Big and Rich ) (full screen)
Sexy and I know it  (Milk n Blues ) (full screen)
Sharp Dressed Man  (ZZ Top ) (full screen)
Smooth  (Santana ) (full screen)
Somethings Got a Hold on Me  (Christina Aguilera ) (full screen)
Uptown Funk  (Old Movie Stars ) (full screen)
Wine, Beer, Whiskey  (Little Big Town ) (full screen)

27 tunes - Play Time: 107.71 minutes or 1.8 hours

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The Businss of America...

... is no longer "liberty and justice for all"

New York, NY  10016   
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