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Community Support - New York, NY 10016 (New York County)
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Anymore  (Travis Tritt ) (full screen)
At Last  (Etta James ) (full screen)
Can't Help Falling in Love  (Andrea Bocelli ) (full screen)
Coldplay Higher Power  (Coldplay Higher Power) (full screen)
Fields of Gold  (Sting ) (full screen)
I bet my Life  (Imagine Dragon ) (full screen)
Landslide  (Stevie Nicks ) (full screen)
Muskrat Love  (Captain and Tenille ) (full screen)
Rhiannon (Live in Chicago)  (Stevie Nicks ) (full screen)
Something Like This  (Coldplay ) (full screen)
Song for Someone  (U2 ) (full screen)
Whatever it Takes  (Imagine Dragon ) (full screen)
Witchy Woman  (Eagles ) (full screen)
You Should Probably Leave  (Chris Stapleton ) (full screen)

14 tunes - Play Time: 59.25 minutes or 0.99 hours

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New York, NY  10016   
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Travis Tritt Rocks!        


Opposes Vaccine Mandates!
Refuses to perform in venues
where vaccines are required

Learn about a Secret Christian cult and serious constituional questions arising from its lust for power

Flourish and Prosper!   

Sustainable Happiness follows the   
choice of Sustainable Values   

a critical examination of the most destructive species on earth and the paths of desolation left in its wake

Sir, No Sir
a profoundly relevant documentary featuring courageous resistance to the shameful insanity of times past

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