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Discovering the Paradox of Power

Politac.org encourages the association of private individuals who take pleasure in collaborating with those who share a common interest in the pursuit and promotion of peace and harmony in their lives and communities through personal dedication to Self discovery, Self inquiry, Self realization, and respect for the universal realities that we share in common.

On occasion, individuals associated with each other through our shared quest, collaborate together in rendering assistance and support to innocent victims of injustice; advocating reasoned public policy; exposing abuse of power; and sharing their philosophical and spiritual pursuits. Often, individuals and organizations who are supportive of harmonious philosophical and spiritual values seek each other out for collaborative business pursuits and other relationships which they believe will be more rewarding because of these shared values. We are only too pleased to contribute to the unfolding of such alliances.

It is not our purpose, nor is it within our means, to publicly oppose every evil or champion every worthy cause. We content ourselves with contributing modestly, where we can, to a better world in meaningful ways that impact favorably on the lives of our fellow man.

We think, therefore we are.... We care, therefore we act.™

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