LDS Credibility Concerns
Investigative Research and Support for Qualifying Groups and Associations

LDS Credibility Concerns

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15 questions.

1) Can you acknowledge fair questions? (click here)

2) 1769 King James Bible Edition Errors (click here)

3) 17th Century Translation Words in the Book of Mormon (click here)

4) Joseph Smith Translation Words not included in the Book of Mormon (click here)

5) DNA Analysis discredits Original LDS Claims of Native American Ancestry (click here)

6) Anachronisms found in Book of Mormon (click here)

7) No Archaeological Evidence of Book of Mormon Civilizations (click here)

8) Geographical Site and Name Similarities (click here)

9) View of the Hebrews (click here)

10) The Late War Similarities (click here)

11) The First Book of Napoleon (click here)

12) Evolving Book of Mormon Theology (click here)

13) Book of Mormon Creation (click here)

14) Joseph Smith's First Vision (click here)

15) The Book of Abraham (click here)

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Travis Tritt Rocks!        


Opposes Vaccine Mandates!
Refuses to perform in venues
where vaccines are required

Learn about a Secret Christian cult and serious constituional questions arising from its lust for power

The greatest obstacle to the American dream
for most Americans has been the blinding conceit and self serving public policies of the illegitimate controlling elite (ICE) and the notions of their own entitlement as stewards of a false "greater good".

Draining the swamp is long overdue.

a critical examination of the most destructive species on earth and the paths of desolation left in its wake

Sir, No Sir
a profoundly relevant documentary featuring courageous resistance to the shameful insanity of times past

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