Book of Mormon Creation (LDS Credibility Concerns)
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LDS Credibility Concerns
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Book of Mormon Creation
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The Book of Mormon is misrepresented in the LDS Official Narrative as being "translated" from golden plates inscribed in "Reformed Eqyptian".

All historical evidence shows that it was created (divined) by Joseph Smith using the process of looking at a rock in a hat and speaking his divination to a scribe. The actual process used is correctly referred to as "scrying" and is not at all properly characterized as "translation".

Joseph Smith was previously brought to trial on charges of scrying for using this same technique to search for buried treasure on behalf of gullible farmers.

The leadership of the LDS Church have been highly motivated to promote an alternate narrative about the "translation" (creation) of the Book of Mormon for the obvious credibility reasons.

The actual stone, with which the Book of Mormon was created by "scrying" (not "translated") has been in the possession of the LDS leadership for generations. It has been kept secret and hidden from the general membership until recently.

Under public pressure that has brought shame, embarrassment, and serious credibility issues with additional legal implications (accusations of fraud), pictures of the stone have now been disclosed with attempts at obfuscation of the fraudulent misrepresentations by new, revised claims that the process of scrying constituted the methodology of "translation".

Obviously, this rationale requires the intellectual abandonment of a reasonable application of the English language in support of an obvious lie, told within the greater context of a mountain of obvious lies. "Scrying" has a defined meaning as does "translation". They are absolutely not interchangeable words, nor is one a method of the other.

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Do you recognize that the difference between "scrying" and "translation" is meaningful and relevant to a proper evaluation of the credibility of the truth claims of the creation of the Book of Mormon and the credibility of the "Prophet" Joseph Smith?

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B) No. I have faith that all mysteries will be revealed in God's due time. 

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