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General Relationship Standards

General Respectfulness
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We subscribe to the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with a generally respectful attitude by default. Accordingly, this is our expectation.

A generally respectful attitude would rule out presumptuous attitudes or airs of superiority and presumptuously condescending notions of the inferiority of others.

Also ruled out would be manipulative coercion, trickery, dishonesty, duplicity, bigotry, double standards, hidden agendas, violations of reasonable rights of privacy, all forms of presumptuous elitism, notions of unwarranted entitlement, illegitimate trampling or disrespect for reasonable personal boundaries, notions of false or contrived (un-natural) social hierarchy and all forms of disingenuous (dishonest) communication such as obfuscation, gas lighting, topical avoidance, illegitimate shunning or suppression in all its forms, secret blacklisting, avoidance of accountability, blame shifting, bullying, dismissiveness, back stabbing, character assassination, illegitimate forms or methods of marginalization, pandering, and patronizing, or indifference to any of the above.

While we recognize that natural and consensual forms of social hierarchy may serve the general interests of a well ordered society, illegitimacy and usurpation of power and position must be guarded against and actively opposed. Accordingly, we reject the idea that social power or position should give rise to special privileges, special access or special advantages that are not reasonably warranted for the performance of ones duties or office on behalf of those in whose service the appointed office or position was created.

We absolutely reject all claims of divine or special authority, divine or special entitlement, divine or special insight, and any contrived notions of a "greater good" that is or are inconsistent with the aforementioned attitudes of general respectfulness, equal justice, fair access, and the requirement of full accountability and the rights of redress, for all.

To clarify, if you subscribe to the belief that your social system is led by a divinely appointed King or Queen, we have no objection as long as the obligations and duties of the King or Queen, so appointed, include absolute attentiveness to the attitudes of general respectfulness for all, as described in this writing. If they do not, we reject the claims of authority of such a King or Queen.

Similarly, if you are a subject of a religious system or order that is led by what you believe to be a divinely appointed Prophet, Apostle, or other representative of God, we have no objection, as long as the obligations and duties of the Prophet, Apostle, or other representative of God, so appointed, include absolute attentiveness to the attitudes of general respectfulness for all, as described in this writing. If they do not, we reject the claims of authority of such a Prophet or Emissary.

An individual who has such an attitude of general respect for others, will treat others with courtesy and equanimity and will acknowledge and actively support equal rights, justice, and fair treatment of others. This is not only a philosophical position, but a social contract commitment that rules out indifference or passive inattentiveness to injustices against others.

It involves and includes a commitment to use one's own power, position, and resources, however modest they are, to reasonably call out, expose, oppose, and thwart injustices within one's own purview. Indifference and inattentiveness to one's own injustices, or injustices against others within one's own purview, are inconsistent with this standard of general respectfulness as is avoidance of full accountability for actual injustices and indifference to injustices or disregard for the rights of redress.

Please consider: A Simple Reasonableness Formula

Do you subscribe to and actively support the attitudes of general respectfulness as discussed above in all your relationships and will you in this relationship?

A) Yes. Absolutely. 

B) Let me give it some thought. 

C) No. I do not. If this is a requirement of a friendly relationship with you, I will pass. 

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