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June 9, 2023

Out of the Wild Project
Project Motivation

Statement of project motivation and purpose.

a public benefit project of Private Benefit Trust

Let us say, for conversation's sake, that Mr. Brown, at the late age of 65 has received a grant to study attitudes and opinions relating to the wholesale corruption of the American government and American institutions, and if and where possible, organize or otherwise participate in or contribute time and talents to meaningful resistance to that corruption. This, of course, reflects Mr. Brown's view that the American government and American institutions, generally, are now impacted by wholesale corruption. Not everyone shares that view, which would be among the larger points of the research.

Mr. Brown let it be known that he would delay his pursuit of "crossing the river" if he received such funding. He now has. (It is not without its limits.) So, Mr. Brown now finds himself obliged to conduct the research in good faith and follow the course that reasonably follows, while funding permits, before he "crosses the river".

"Crossing the River" is a term borrowed from Eastern Philosophical schools. In certain eastern philosophical traditions, one who devotes himself to the quest for Self Realization in the fullest sense, will be drawn to the point of refining his consciousness and spiritual discipline sufficient to enable his consciousness to escape the bondage of his physical body. If approached a certain way, with sufficient refinement, according to certain traditions and the teaching of certain sages, one can achieve this separation of consciousness and body, and return at will. Otherwise, the effort may result in a separation from which there is no recovery, or return, in this realm.

Of course, Mr. Brown does not profess to be so spiritually refined, or prepared to cross the river successfully, but rather, otherwise inclined to devote himself to a solitary course of personal inquiry into consciousness and preparation with that end in mind.

Generally, it is widely accepted or otherwise believed that when consciousness departs from the physical body, what is left for the world to see, (the body), is deemed "dead". The individual we knew is viewed as "dead". What actually became of the individual is a perspective that also varies from religion to religion, and non-religious views.

According to some traditions, some things can only be known by direct personal experience. What truly lies beyond this realm can only be known from personal experience. Many have their religious views or non-religious views on the subject. These are all, however, simply views that lie among many, about which none of us can be personally assured of the truth, but by personal experience.

A fair amount has been written by those who have pursued this knowledge. However, a consistent pattern arises in the telling. That pattern is that some things cannot or should not be told. Consistently, at least from Mr. Brown's studies, it appears that those whose accounts of their quests seem most credible, stop short of telling all, while those whose accounts seem less credible, generally have a variety of stories to tell about their experiences, if they successfully return from them. From Mr. Brown's point of view, those whose accounts seem most credible are forever changed in very profound, obvious, and meaningful ways by their experience. Their world view is completely and dramatically altered. The less credible accounts, not so much.

The lure of this quest, for the sincere seeker, is the ultimate taste of transcendental Self Realization that, even if but for a moment, opens the door or breaks down the barriers to the unfettered omnipotence and omniscience of the cosmos. It does change you. Even getting close to the edge of the river changes you somewhat. Not in ways that are greatly valued, understood, or appreciated by the manipulated collective consciousness found on this planet. For this reason, the seeker gets more quiet about these matters and more comfortable on certain levels with seclusion despite the loneliness. This, Mr. Brown knows from personal experience.

Most people are not driven by intense curiosity of such things. Calculated campaigns to discredit the promise of personal benefit are promoted by those whose exploitive interests run afoul of the enlightenment and empowerment of those they wish to exploit.

Most people's lives are consumed with the business of survival, providing for their loved ones, and maintaining or improving their rank or place in their chosen or adopted social orders. This business necessarily involves a certain all consuming perspective or world view that, more often than not, occludes, sometimes collides with, and is otherwise inhospitable to an alternate perspective. Sadly, this less harmonious view of the alternate perspective is actively promoted in most western and all fascist cultures. The social orders of such cultures depend on the limitations of insight the more traditional world views perpetuate. These limitations of insight enable the continuity of unqualified hierarchy to survive without closer scrutiny that would give rise to serious questions about the legitimacy of its continuity.

Most people, from birth, are assimilated and absorbed into the busyness of this competitive world view and culturally conditioned to look no further or deeper than their own transient comparative well being and the approval of others to find happiness, fulfillment, and peace with their existence. They are intensely conditioned, it would seem by design, to avoid and resist the pursuit of another or deeper perspective or world view and to regard with less respect and certainly less appreciation those who look deeper.

To the contrary, a view of such "seekers" is consistently promoted in traditional cultural circles as being odd and inferior out of fear and resistance to their quest and what it might entail or reveal. In the more typically traditional cultural view, one's value is dictated by one's relative social place and standing. Years of struggle to achieve for one's self a sense of value derived by this standard does not contribute to a welcoming attitude about another value system in which the self worth they have sacrificed a lifetime to achieve may not be viewed with the same respect and deference they have come to count on and enjoy.

The group or collective consciousness in the traditional world may be argued to be self serving. On a certain level it is. It perpetuates itself for the very purpose of perpetuating its own blindness to its own inadequacy and failing to well serve the highest and best prospects for the greater well being of its generally declared constituents. However, its actual constituents are not the general population, but rather elitists who have wormed or otherwise infiltrated their way into positions of influence and authority within the group, with the assistance of their respective cabals, only to usurp that influence and authority and serve with it their own short sighted special interests and those of their more private alliances at the expense of the interests of their declared constituents. Blindness to the reality of this dishonesty is the very objective of the collective consciousness promoted by the elite interests that dominate its influence with that very end in mind.

Of course, the hijacking of the collective consciousness of a society or culture cannot be accomplished without the acquiescence, either willful or mindless, by a sufficient number of the individual members of the culture itself. So the karmic question arises, are American institutions corrupt because the leadership is corrupt, or are American institutions corrupt because American culture itself, deserves no better than the karmic outcome of having forsaken their own professed values to the manipulative control of the more inferior, short sighted, self serving, and destructive beings with the most poisoned of perspectives among them, by the continual pattern of their choices or acquiescence driven by their own self delusions, apathy, and corresponding intellectual weakness? This question is profoundly relevant to a choice to invest time and effort in resisting the corruption. Do the American people warrant such an effort? Or is such an effort futile from the start, and destined to be rejected and trampled over by the very people who are the object of the benevolent concerns of beings with greater insight than generally demonstrated by the herd?

When a herd that once professed diligent attentiveness to the value of independence and freedom of choice and self determination, gives up the struggle, self reflection as a group, and attentiveness that such values require to be maintained, and acquiesces blindly to unwarranted fears promoted by charlatans and exploiters by willfully handing over the keys to their divine rights as individuals to imposters who manufacture and perpetuate fear with that very end in mind, is the herd worthy of salvation from the fate of slavery, or is their fate their own karmic choice becoming the unstoppable wave of a deluge of apathetic mindless turmoil that can no longer be steered or rehabilitated, but only avoided by escape to higher ground?

If the later, where is this higher ground that will not be subjugated and controlled with equal impunity by the imposters who have been empowered, armed and endowed with illegitimate control by the apathy and acquiescence of the herd?

Where the crossing of the river may have been a philosophical quest for personal enlightenment and Self Realization as an alternative to a relatively peaceful and quiet existence in the alternative, the crossing now takes on the specter of being, perhaps, the only course to freedom from a world in a rush to give itself over, complete with the keys to its own mind and heart, to pied pipers playing comforting tunes from within the walls of their intellectual slaughter houses.

These pied pipers are no longer a few, but found in the millions, recruited from among us by the illegitimate controlling elite (ICE), and handsomely rewarded for their propensity to distract, scare, bedazzle, enrage, pacify, mislead and deceive, and in the end herd their fellow beings into a false sense of security. Ultimately, abandonment of a healthy distrust of our appointed leaders and healthy skepticism of our appointed leaders' designated "experts" is coerced from us. Surrender to the transient comfort of conformity with the prevailing apathy in cowardly avoidance of being pointed out as "different" or "non-conformist" and therefore targeted for illegitimately intrusive observation (spying) and denied a minimal portion of freedom that was already ours to begin with before it was surrendered is extracted in exchange for acceptance into the herd that gives itself over freely to ICE. This is the managed destiny of the herd that chooses mindless comfort and social convenience over the increasing isolation that follows those who struggle for freedom and respect for the independence and self determination once rumored to have been worth fighting for among their forefathers.

How many are there left among us who are willing to resist wholesale surrender to the rapidly descending group consciousness and dare to evaluate their choices and vet their leaders by a more rigorous standard? Are there enough to make a difference? Rumor has it that a general awakening is under way and being assisted by benevolent beings of light from other worlds that find in the agenda of earth's illegitimate controlling elite (ICE) something that warrants intervention and opposition in the greater interest of cosmic harmony. I have witnessed presentations of those who profess to be such beings. I have heard reports of others who claim to know of such beings. Certainly, uncommon insight is found among us. Is it, however, enough to melt the freeze of intellectual independence and free, healthy, unfettered flow of natural consciousness among us that is the goal of ICE. Are ICE breakers to be found in sufficient numbers? Or should we flee while our consciousness is still intact?

This, then, is the question and the point of this research, for Mr. Brown.

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The greatest obstacle to the American dream
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