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On Covid 19 Vaccine Mandates
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Tentative Position Statement - Subject to Reconsideration and Review - Comments Welcome

We find ourselves well into the tragic fallout of the pandemic that is Covid 19. There is no question that the disease is real and that it is potentially fatal for large segments of the population. The questionable origins of the disease itself and its outbreak are questions that remain unresolved. They should be resolved, because there is more than probable cause for suspicion that the incompetence, malfeasance, and outright corruption of agencies of our own government are at the root of the problem. However, the tragedy that is the legitimacy of profound distrust of our own government aside, the fact that the disease is real and potentially fatal to many, remains to be addressed appropriately.

Predictably, the major pharmaceutical companies have entered the stage with their proposed solutions. It would be (is) beyond irresponsible and entering the dismal abyss of outright political, judicial, and social stupidity to fail to consider the reality of the serious questions and facts that support the seriousness of those same questions about the ethics of the pharmaceutical industry, the CDC, the medical profession, and the corruption of the FDA, given that self-serving pronouncements of these agencies are relied upon for the justification of political mandates and relevant judicial findings.

Inescapable, as well, is the tragic need to thoughtfully process and consider the corruption of intelligence agencies of the United States government where intelligence gathering is inappropriately used to adversely and irresponsibly influence and otherwise suppress and punish relevant public discourse that has the desperately needed and long overdue potential of destabilizing the entrenched special interests, with their related conflicts of interest, that have seized control of American institutions, including the FDA, the CDC, the office of the Surgeon General, the Department of Justice and the very Intelligence Community, itself.

Our founding fathers anticipated the serious potential for the political corruption that we now find ourselves grappling with amidst tragic circumstances of catastrophic proportions. To that end they carefully instituted checks and balances to effectively manage the propensity for that corruption. Special interests, on the other hand, have spent decades infiltrating every agency of the federal government, including the Department of Justice and the intelligence community, not only for the purpose of quietly dismantling both the institutional checks and balances crafted by our founding fathers, but as well, the very respect for those checks and balances and the respect for the fundamental nature of our interests as “free” citizens.

We find insidious organizations like “The Family”, “The Mormon Corporate Empire”, “The Federalist Society” and others exercising enormous pressure and undue influence to ensure the election of officials and appointment of judicial officers that have demonstrated a propensity to adopt offensively irresponsible elitist notions of illegitimate displacement of due process with corrupt notions of government entitlement to act without due process in loco parentis (in the place of a parent or guardian of the public good) upon which outright deceit and social engineering is justified together with illegitimate secrecies to keep such corruption well hidden from public view, understanding, and discourse, in the false name and fraudulent justification of “National Security” and “Continuity of Government”.

It is relevant and timely to acknowledge that the founding fathers not only believed, but intended that corruption and tyranny be responded to decisively by a public well prepared and equipped for such a response. It is equally relevant and timely to acknowledge that our own government has been actively and willfully, but not innocently, undermining the legitimacy of such concerns and such preparedness while collaborating with and empowering illegitimate special interest groups that have now seized control via infiltration foreseen both by Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, of American institutions, the press, social media, the economy, the Federal Reserve, and the medical establishment.

Make no mistake, these special interests have an agenda and it is not national security, or the common good, but rather the advancement of their own roles as elite players in a world order that sees the Constitution of the United States as irrelevant and disposable. The conduct of the United States Government over the past decade bears out this tragic reality.

This is not to suggest that nothing right or good has occurred, clearly good things have, amidst the quiet takeover. Further, this is not to suggest that everyone in the government is corrupt. Clearly that is not the case. Many patriotic Americans still struggle to honor their oaths of office and serve their actual constituents. Sadly, they are not in the majority and they know they are not. Most of them dare not speak what they know for fear of retaliation. But the public gets occasional glimpses, like Elizabeth Warren publicly declaring that the greatest problem we have in Washington is corruption, during her campaign for the presidency.

Now to the subject at hand, the pandemic that is Covid 19, and the subject of vaccine mandates.

It is our view that if vaccines worked reliably, then the vaccinated should have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. If they don’t work reliably, that reality must be weighed in the balance. Furthermore, it remains unclear that the vaccinated pose any less of a risk in passing along the virus than the unvaccinated do. Of course, special interest groups will pay “experts” to say otherwise and collaborate to discredit and marginalize those who disagree.

Not experiencing or being overwhelmed by the most serious symptoms of the disease is one thing. Being infected and passing that infection along is something else. It is our understanding from credible reports that the infection can be acquired and reacquired with or without the vaccine. The vaccine has some effect, in some cases, on how the infection affects the host. It does not prevent the spread of the infection. It is neither reasonable nor credible to think it would.

Ultimately, we will all be exposed, sooner or later. This is inevitable. More of us will die. More of us will survive. Those who survive through naturally developed immunity will be stronger and not dependent on pharmaceuticals for that evolutionary advantage. Those who survive with the help of vaccines will likely become increasingly dependent on vaccines to maintain their immunities. That is the actual goal of the pharmaceutical companies. Profit, and dependency. That has always been the actual goal of the pharmaceutical companies, like every other drug dealer. Profit and dependence.

The greater the national dependency, the greater control the corrupt forces that have infiltrated our government will have over the dependents. That is the point…. and that is the point of the unwarranted hostility fostered by the government against those who resist vaccination. Independence is the “evil” they cannot abide.

Any cover story will do, no matter how implausible, to bring the masses under increased dependency, in the ethic of the social engineers who have deluded themselves into believing they are legitimately endowed as ruling over-lords who owe neither the truth, nor even the right to have and express an opinion that is out of sync with the prevailing agenda of the illegitimate controlling elite class (ICE) to the rest of the world.

This corruption, with its philosophical roots in illegitimate notions of the “divine rights” of the ruling class to suspend the Constitution and subjugate the world in the interests of a contrived “greater good”, is the tragic reality of the world we live in today.

The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Make no mistake, the power to force upon you medical intervention against your will has not been granted to the United States Government or any state thereof in the absence of extreme circumstances that may have been determined by due process of law to justify it. Lethal injection as a death penalty served after due process of law is one example. There are others.

Both mindless fear, like the folly and greed of special interest groups that seek power, control, and self-justification for their abuses of their fellow citizens’ inalienable rights, results in the abandonment of the reasoning process in arriving at self-serving edicts and conclusions. The facts don’t change. Just the willingness to examine them thoroughly and properly.

Those who fear the consequences of Covid 19 exposure without the dubious benefit of vaccinations have the absolute right to avail themselves of those vaccinations. If the vaccinations work, reliably, they have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. If they do not work reliably, the fearful have other measures they can take. They can ware masks, if they assume they work. They can limit their exposure to the outside world (stay home). These options are available to them.

If the unvaccinated pose no greater risk of spreading the disease, then the vaccinated do, there is no rational basis to justify forcing vaccination upon them. Even if such were different, the choice to avail oneself of medical intervention that one can reasonably expect to impact on one’s own natural development of immunity, is an inalienable right of choice that the government has no right to over-rule, absent extreme circumstances that involve an actual compelling state interest that is greater than the interest citizens have in freedom of choice as with respect to their own bodies and their own evolutionary prospects. What is this greater good and compelling state interest that some suppose to exist, in the absence of rational thought?

Some will argue that the prospect of death itself, in the mass numbers that arise from Covid 19 exposure constitutes a national interest to avoid. But no government has been granted the right to arbitrarily effect avoidance of death on behalf of its citizens. The right to protect its citizens from death at the hands of others by injustice has most definitely been granted. The right to protect citizens from naturally occurring death has not been granted, nor can it be argued to be consistent with a national claim of compelling state interest.

With the tragic reality of climate change upon us, we must now grapple with the reality of diminishing world resources to feed an unsustainable population. Neither the government nor the people of the world have a legitimate interest in arbitrarily effecting the avoidance of naturally occurring death. Naturally occurring death is a self-regulating requirement of the health and well-being of the species.

Vaccine mandates are the unreasoned response born of unwarranted and illegitimate fear of naturally occurring death as a result of the free choices of free citizens. Government intervention is not only NOT warranted, it is contrary to the interests of the species at large and serves only the interests of special interests groups who hope to effect selectively engineered death and national dependency.

It is our view that Covid 19 vaccine mandates are not only unwarranted, but offensively inconsistent with the United States Constitution and an affront to the citizens of the world that warrants a just response. Illegitimate enforcement of illegitimate laws, is equally offensive and a serious moral choice every man must make and accept responsibility for. Undue discrimination against those who support the constitution and the free exercise of their own inalienable rights is unwarranted, illegitimate, and an egregious injustice that warrants a fair and legitimate response.

We are obliged to seek justice in duly authorized courts of law, with the hopes, amidst skepticism, that truth and rationality might prevail. If justice and the protection of human rights cannot be found in our courts, we then have just cause to respond accordingly in the preservation of inalienable human rights.

A government and a judiciary that hopes its power and authority will be respected should use that power judiciously and respectfully, or it has no right to enjoy the respect it hopes for.

Rebellion against tyrants, is obedience to God.
- Oliver Cromwell.

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