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Investigative Research and Support for Qualifying Groups and Associations

March 31, 2023

Community Support - New York, NY 10016 (New York County)
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Gospel Songs
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Halleluia  (Andrea Bocelli ) (full screen)
Abide With Me Tis Eventide  (Mormon Tabernacle Choir ) (full screen)
Come Unto Jesus  (Madilyn Paige ) (full screen)
Go Down Moses  (Harlem Gospel Singers ) (full screen)
God Be With You Till We Meet Again  (Mormon Tabernacle Choir ) (full screen)
Hallelujah  (Various Artists ) (full screen)
Hallelujah   (Andrea Bocelli and Virgina Bocelli ) (full screen)
Hallelujah  (Pentatonix ) (full screen)
Hold On  (Negro Spiritual ) (full screen)
How Great Thou Art  (Carrie Underwood ) (full screen)
How Great Thou Art  (Wintley Phipps ) (full screen)
I Look to You  (Whitney Houston ) (full screen)
I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go  (Mormon Tabernacle Choir ) (full screen)
In Good Hands  (Citation Support ) (full screen)
Jesus will Fix It  (Lee Williams ) (full screen)
Lord Keep Me Day by Day  (Albertina Walker ) (full screen)
Lord, Don't Move the Mountain  (Inez Andrews ) (full screen)
Mary Did You Know  (Pentatonix ) (full screen)
More Holiness Give Me  (Mormon Tabernacle Choir ) (full screen)
Nearer My God to Thee  (Mormon Tabernacle Choir ) (full screen)
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen  (William Warfield ) (full screen)
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen  (Amazing Gospel ) (full screen)
Oh Happy Day  (Edwin Hawkins ) (full screen)
Prayer  (Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion ) (full screen)
Psalm 34  (The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir ) (full screen)
Roll Jordon Roll  (12 Years a Slave ) (full screen)
You Raise Me Up  (Mormon Tabernacle Choir ) (full screen)

27 tunes - Play Time: 132.55 minutes or 2.21 hours

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The Businss of America...

... is no longer "liberty and justice for all"

New York, NY  10016   
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