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Investigative Research and Support for Qualifying Groups and Associations

March 31, 2023

Community Support - New York, NY 10016 (New York County)
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Sing Along
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Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone  (Bill Withers ) (full screen)
Amazing Grace  (Rosemary Siemens ) (full screen)
Anymore  (Travis Tritt ) (full screen)
Besame Mucho  (Diana Krall ) (full screen)
Bird on a Wire  (Katy Sagal ) (full screen)
Blue Ain't Your Color  (Keith Urban ) (full screen)
Can't Help Falling in Love  (Andrea Bocelli ) (full screen)
Chances Are  (Lee Ann Womack ) (full screen)
Cry Me a River  (Diana Krall ) (full screen)
Diary  (Bread ) (full screen)
Etta James  (At Last ) (full screen)
Fly Me to The Moon  (Angelina Jordon ) (full screen)
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother  (Hollies ) (full screen)
How Great Thou Art  (Carrie Underwood ) (full screen)
Ode to Billy Joe  (Bobby Gentry ) (full screen)
One Moment in Time  (Dana Winner ) (full screen)
Simply Beautiful  (Queen Latifa ) (full screen)
Sitting by the Dock of the Bay  (Otis Redding ) (full screen)
Solamente Una Vez  (Andrea Bocelli ) (full screen)
Stand By Me  (Skyler Grey ) (full screen)
Tennessee Whiskey  (Chris Stapleton ) (full screen)
The Nearness of You  (Norah Jones ) (full screen)
Turn Me On   (Norah Jones ) (full screen)
Without You  (Mariah Carey ) (full screen)
Young at Heart  (Frank Sinatra ) (full screen)

25 tunes - Play Time: 103.12 minutes or 1.72 hours

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The Businss of America...

... is no longer "liberty and justice for all"

New York, NY  10016   
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The greatest obstacle to the American dream
for most Americans has been the blinding conceit and self serving public policies of the illegitimate controlling elite (ICE) and the notions of their own entitlement as stewards of a false "greater good".

Draining the swamp is long overdue.

Turning Point
an unflinching documentary examining the failed perspectives and policies justified by the events of 9/11

a critical examination of the most destructive species on earth and the paths of desolation left in its wake

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