On Gun Control and Ammunition Shortages

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March 31, 2023

On Gun Control and Ammunition Shortages
by P. Brannock

P. Brannock shares his thoughts on gun control, quoting Oliver Cromwell.

The private, personal seal of Thomas Jefferson features the timeless quote of Oliver Cromwell,

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”.

Our founding forefathers took great pains and risked their lives and fortunes to craft for us a political system that acknowledged the fundamental reality of its inherent propensity toward absolute corruption if not kept in check with serious measures designed for that purpose. We refer to these as “checks and balances”.

Unfortunately, in our increasing ignorance, we have come to overlook one of the most significant and purposeful checks on tyranny that was absolutely intended by our forefathers. That is the very real and very meaningful deterrent value of the potential threat of armed rebellion as a legitimate response to tyranny.

The 2nd amendment was not conjured up to satisfy the entertainment notions of rabbit hunters, target shooters, or sports enthusiasts. It was crafted to ensure that private individuals would never be denied the legitimate personal use of tactically relevant lethal force when necessary in the defense of life and liberty.

The tragedy that lunatics on occasion, in a vastly populated nation, will be found to abuse this right by extinguishing innocent life without justification, is no more serious or noteworthy than the declaration of categorically illegitimate war by self delusional despots usurping public authority to serve private interests; the wholesale devastation of the earth’s atmosphere placing the entire world population at serious risk by mindless fools whose cowardice in public service and warped view of the value priority of their own re-election supersedes, for them, attentiveness to the continuity of life on planet earth for the next generation; or the abandonment of “due process” as a prerequisite to politically justified extermination of the very lives of American citizens.

We live in a very, very, very dangerous world. Our greatest enemies at this point are not lunatics with rapid fire rifles, dangerous as they are, or radical religious zealots, dangerous as they are. Our greatest danger is the ignorance, apathy, and rampant naivete' with which we continue to blindly trust in political and religious leadership that has absolutely proven itself to be hostile to the most fundamental and essential aspects of individual happiness, security, and freedom, in the pursuit of illegitimate special interests while trampling on the inalienable rights of individual members of the human race.

We should be very concerned that a government that wastes time and resources on disarming its constituents, at a time when the very survival of the planet and the human race over the next couple of generations is a very real question, is not in the pursuit of individual life and liberty, but, rather, management of a global crisis of its own creation and in its own interests, which have been hijacked by elitists, and are no longer one in the same as our own.

Many, if not most responsible Americans believe that efforts at gun control and ammunition shortages are not about saving us from each other, but rather, motivated by the fear that our own intolerably corrupt government has of the potential of rebellion that its own abuses of power are likely to provoke.

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