Faith Crisis Defined (LDS Personal Faith Crisis Report)
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LDS Personal Faith Crisis Report

Faith Crisis Defined
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For clarity and singularity of focus "LDS Faith Crisis" was particularly defined by the report as follows:

"...a state of intense emotional and spiritual distress resulting from the discovery of Church history facts that do not align with the traditional LDS narrative. This distress results in members losing faith in some or all foundational truth claims of the LDS Church and in the Church itself."

As such, this team of scholars has acknowledged the reality of the inconsistencies between the official narratives of the LDS Church about its own history, and the facts; and the very real, personal, extensive, and widespread damages resulting from the discovery of the reality of such inconsistencies.

This acknowledgment, by a team of qualified scholars made up of people who "love the Church", is viewed by many to moot the various disingenuous responses to the CES Letter by Jeremy Runnells. In point of fact, the team seems to have declared the report to serve the purpose of being a very significant shot over the bow (wake up call) to the LDS Church leadership and other "faith crisis deniers" who falsely allege that there are no such credibility concerns as the report addresses.

Quoting from the report:

"Measuring the severity of Faith Crisis by simply tracking numbers of resignations creates a false impression there is no formidable challenge and causes many to deny the severity of the issue. It will not serve us well if we have 'Faith Crisis deniers' in the same way we now have climate change deniers."

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