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'Allies' China and Russia are ganging up on America
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Contributor's comments:
The Hill Reports:

The three-decade-old nightmare of Washington policymakers has now come true: Beijing and Moscow have ganged up on America.

During their 37th meeting since 2013, Russian strongman President Vladimir Putin and “dear friend” Chinese ruler Xi Jinping solidified their already robust relationship. Putin, according to readouts, supported Beijing’s “legitimate position” on Taiwan, and Xi supported Russian demands for “security guarantees” and assurances that NATO will never admit Ukraine.

Moscow says the ties between the two capitals are at “an unprecedentedly high level,” and the Kremlin before the call even characterized China and Russia as “allies.”

Beijing does not use that term — it has only one formal ally, North Korea — but the relationship between the Beijing and Moscow is not complicated these days. China is backing Russian aggression, and Russia is backing Chinese aggression.

Beijing and Moscow have been coordinating external policies and, since 2005, have been conducting joint military exercises. In September 2016, the two militaries, in an eight-day naval drill, practiced “joint island-seizing missions” in the South China Sea. This August, for the first time, Russian troops during an exercise were using Chinese weapons, demonstrating interoperability. The United States has to assume, therefore, that the Chinese and Russian militaries will fight as one.

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